Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pip Ripper Forex System Review

Legit or Scam? 

The Bold Truth

Welcome to the Pip Ripper Forex System Review.

Would you like to find out more about how the automated currency Software called Pip Ripper Forex System really works?  Pip Ripper was created by a professional trading system developer, with thirteen years experience, who writes systems not only for retail but systems that are traded live at brokerages as well. It makes money by targeting lower draw-downs with smaller stop losses and aims to hit a high strike rate by taking action only on the trades with higher probability of moving in the intended direction. In terms of looking for profitable trades, Pip Ripper is much more likely to target larger winning trades rather than continually try to scalp for small profits.
1. How Else Does Pip Ripper Make Money For You?
But it does not just make money from short terms trends though as it also comes with an advanced EA that capitalizes on longer terms trends. Using more than one time frame, multiple indicators and price patterns, this software is capable of generating many small winning trades while also holding on to some longer term trades.
2. Review of the Pip Ripper Advanced EA
The advanced Expert Advisor is very much focused on looking at longer term trends by analyzing the monthly and weekly price charts rather than analyzing the smaller time frame charts like the main system does.
This means that the robot is able to take advantage of highly probable long term trend movements and you should be prepared to hold your positions for a few days and even weeks with the trades opened by the advanced EA. As compared to the main scalping system, the advanced Expert Advisor's strike rate is higher and makes more money per trade. But of course, you can expect it to make much less trades than the main scalper EA. It should average about 4 trades per week.
3. What is the Advantage that Using Pip Ripper Has Over Using other Trading Methods and Software?
Because Pip Ripper is designed with a dual approach that also makes long term trades, it will not run the risks of getting shut down by brokers who tend to close down accounts being run by day trading robots, even though this is only a very handful of brokers. I highly recommend using the listed brokers in the manual only.
Pip Ripper Review
Pip Ripper Features
  • A system so EASY TO USE, and yet so POWERFUL Pips can be literally ‘ripped’ from the market 24 hours a day!
  • YOU Control the System:  Trade Manually or use the Automated ROBOT
  • Scalp, Daytrade or Swing Trade ANY Pair, ANY time you choose!
  • INSIDE: We will show you the EXACT SETTINGS that produced 84.68% Winners over 81,168 trades on 22 currency pairs, and this is just ONE of COUNTLESS ways the system can be traded!
  • We fully reveal the exact method the Robot uses to trade (No hidden secrets!), so that you’re not trading blindly with a “black box” system.
You will also recive the settings that they used to produce results like these:
  • AUDUSD (Aust Dollar / US Dollar) 89.86% Winning Trades
  • CHFJPY (Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen) 90.74% Winning Trades
  • EURCHF (Euro / Swiss Franc) 88.22% Winning Trades
  • EURUSD (Euro / US Dollar) 90.21% Winning Trades
  • GBPNZD (British Pound / New Zealand $) 91.07% Winning Trades
  • USDDKK (US Dollar / Danish Krone) 89.90% Winning Trades
  • USDJPY (US Dollar / Japanese Yen) 81.85% Winning Trades

For maximum profits, Choose Pip Ripper Buy/Sell Indicator PLUS the Automated Robot. The main EA for daily trading or scalping. And the advanced EA for long term trading. This will maximize profits and reduce risks, making this a “super robot” like nothing else on the market.